Do you want to publicize your KUAILIAN business?

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Get a landing like this totally personalized with your registration links and contact information.

The page will always be updated with the latest news, rewards or new products.

Important! The website has been analyzed and validated by the Kuailian team.

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Present your Kuailian business professionally and effectively


All the registration buttons will go with the links of your account.


You decide what, how and where. 100% customizable. Is there something you would like to change? Tell us and we will.

Google Analytics

Know the behavior of your users on your website. Daily visits, devices used, locations, and much more.


We do not limit ourselves to a single language. Expand your business anywhere on the planet.


What includes?

6,50€/month o 69€/year

  • All registration links will point to your Kuailian account
  • Get them to contact you through any social network
  • Modify the videos for your own
  • Organize the sections as you wish
  • Change the texts or colors to your liking
  • Landing in different languages
  • Google Analytics possibility
Get landing page!

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