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What is Kuailian?

The Technological Resource that generates wealth automatically, 100% transparent and accessible to everyone.

Daily payments

Master Nodes work for you, granting you daily returns in your wallet. The system offers guarantees and transparency never seen before.

Transparency is the key

The operation is 100% monitored, transparent and public on the Blockchain. You can consult all the operations carried out by the company in real time and ensure that the cryptocurrencies are working and generating results.

How works?

Kuailian was pioneer in the provision of proof-of-stake services and has ever since steadily innovated and improved its product portfolio. Today Kuailian hosts some of the biggest Masternode Pools in the industry and applies a long-term staking approach.

Cómo funciona Kuailian Estructura completa de Kuailian

Kuailian provides real-time monitoring of all its products to provide total transparency of all operations and transactions to the user.

To access the Smart Pool you need an Ethereum wallet and buy KUAIs. Each Kuai is valued at $100 and is paid in ETH.
This capital is used for the installation of the masternodos, and thus produce profits with the verification of the transactions.
The benefits obtained by the masternodos are automatically deposited daily in the account of each user.


Producto LR
Low-Risk Strategy: Starter LR
The low-risk strategy (Proof of Stake Software) consists of that between 70% - 80% of the selected currencies in the Smart Pool are of high liquidity, that is to say, that they have easy exit Exchange Bitcoin/Ethereum. 20% - 30% is invested in currencies with a high ROI of rewards, but low liquidity against Bitcoin/Ethereum, it is therefore considered to be of lower risk for the client.
1000 days staking strategy
  • No purchase limit
  • The historical average of this product is 7,09% per month.
Producto MR
Medium-Risk Strategy: Intermediate MR
The medium-risk strategy (Proof-of-Stake Software) consist of that between 50% - 60% of the selected currencies in the Smart Pool are of high liquidity, that is to say, that they have easy exit Exchange Bitcoin/Ethereum. 40% - 50% is invested in currencies with a high ROI of rewards, but low liquidity against Bitcoin/Ethereum.
1000 days staking strategy
  • Rule 1:1
    To buy 1 kuai MR you need to have purchased at least 1 LR. For example, if I want to buy 10 MR kuais, I must first buy 10 LR kuais.
  • The historical average of this product is 11,98% per month.
Producto MR
High-Risk Strategy: Advanced HR
The high-risk strategy (Proof-of-Stake Software) consists of that 20% of the selected currencies in the Smart Pool are of high liquidity, that is to say, that they have easy exit Exchange Bitcoin/Ethereum. 80% is invested in currencies with a high ROI of rewards, but low liquidity against Bitcoin/Ethereum. * These coins are selected by our liquidity provider and our machine learning system that technically predicts the best coins in the market. All of the three strategy categories have market risk.
1000 days staking strategy
  • Minimum purchase of 50 kuais
  • Rule 2:1
    To buy 1 kuai HR you need to have at least 2 kuai between LR or MR. This means that it is necessary to previously have a total of 100 kuais (either 100 LR, 50 LR and 50 MR ...).
  • The historical average of this product (only August) is 17,43% per month.
Producto MR
Multi-Strategy Staking
Producto MR
DEFI/Yield Farming & Liquidity Mining
Producto MR
Stablecoin Staking

Now you too will profit from the millions of transactions that occur daily.

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Is it safe?

The answer is yes!. And we are going to explain the reasons why we can trust this company. Undoubtedly, the most transparent I have known so far.

Company legally registered in Europe

Specifically in Estonia since it is a cryptofriendly country, which has a regulatory framework in which crypto licenses can be obtained.

Registro Kuailian en Estonia

All official data can be found at: https://ariregister.rik.ee

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

It is a member together with prestigious companies and meets a series of necessary requirements.

Kuailian en Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

Find it yourself on: https://entethalliance.org/members/

European crypto licenses

FVR000971 license: Financial services, services of exchange of a virtual currency against fiat currency.

Licencia Kuailian fiat

Licencia FRK000862: Financial Services, which provides a virtual currency wallet service.

Licencia Kuailian cripto

The most transparent company in the world

Thanks to the fact that Kuailian operates with the Ethereum Blockchain, all the traceability of all the movements that the company makes can be performed.

All this can be seen from the backoffice with the pool monitoring tool they offer.

Pool monitoring Kuailian

Why is it NOT Ponzi or Pyramid?

Does not require referrals to obtain benefits, the product generates profits on their own.

The level system is limited to 10 levels, it is not infinite.

The licenses to acquire are not infinite.

Big companies like Amazon or Instagram use the same referral system.

Acquisition of the SVF license (In progress)

On March 11, the procedures began to obtain one of the most demanding and prestigious licenses that allows it to operate outside the European Union and offer other services such as bank cards, dataphones, online accounts, etc.

Once the process is finished you can find it in https://www.mas.gov.sg/

Start generating daily income automatically and completely transparently.



Rewards history

Histórico rentabilidades Kuailian low risk Histórico rentabilidades Kuailian medium risk

How register?

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Pay Activation Fee

Pay an activation fee of 50.95 USD in ETH.

Pass KYC

Complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) protocol.

Free access to Kuailian

Enjoy all of Kuailian's products and services.

User Kuailian


Register on the platform through a referral link.

Free access

Access freely without having to pay activation fee.

Limited use

The maximum kuais you can get will be 10. The business cannot be referred either.

Step-by-step registration tutorial

Validation of the new KYC

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